Beginners Guide – Download

Beginners Guide

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English (V2) 4 MB


The First Steps to Becoming a Referee

(32 Page English)  – Download

Referees book 32 page with rules

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English 2.4 MB


The First Steps to Becoming a Referee

(Multi Language 16 Page) – Download

First Steps to Becoming a Referee

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Japanese 2 MB
Chinese 1.4 MB
Chinese (Traditional) 1.7 MB
French 2 MB
German 2.6 MB
Hebrew 2 MB
Italian 0.8MB
Iran (Davar) 1.9 MB
Norwegian 2.1 MB 
Portuguese-Brazil 3.7 MB
Russian 1.9 MB
Serbian 2.4 MB
Spanish 2.1 MB
Spanish – South American 3.8 MB
Turkish 2.1 MB
Ukrainian 2.1 MB

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